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There is no point in having the most technologically advanced, persistent virtual environment, with full sensory immersion?if you have no content to fill it with.

Building a civilisation, growing an entire culture from the ground up; so hard to do well. Yet, if you put a little time and patience into it, it can be the most rewarding pursuit imaginable. Your creation will leap to life in front of visitor?s eyes.


Its a big old world (15)

This mammoth publication consists of several hundred illustrations, showing medieval clothing, armour, hand weapons, mounted weaponry, siege & balistic weaponry in fine detail - ideal for sensible reconstruction, or simply for ideas.

This is a great product, in so many ways. From the captivating romantic plot, to the stunning scenery, and attention to detail. It truly immerses you in medieval life.

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Building a Believable Civilisation: From the ground up:
Stage 2: Planting the seed

The second stage in building a race, is to look at what the physical attributes are; building on the limitations discovered in the habitat from part one.

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Building a Believable Civilisation: From the ground up:
Stage 1: Finding the seed

The first stage in any project, is finding out what your parameters are - to look at the existing landscape, and see your possibilites.

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Building a Believable Civilisation: From the ground up:
Stage 3: The seedling sprouts through

The third stage in building a race is to look at the environment, at the physical capabilities of the race itself, and build on these, into the base culture they will have.

One of Anne McCaffrey?s great trilogies, this one deals with the crystal singer Killashandra, and the wondrous world of Ballybran, whose almost unbelievable beauty, and unique characteristics are an inspiration to world builders of the possibilities that can be achieved.

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Games without Frontiers
History is a static entity, hard to define, really. So what do you get if you can interactt with history? How do you define it? What is it, really? How can you expect players to react to a different social and governmental system to the one they're used to?

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Great Buildings Online
3D spatial models of great, and historic buildings.

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Period Leather
Companion article to Period Leather-working techniques, this article discusses types of leather, recognation of leathers, and some basic tanning techniques.

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Period Leather-working techniques
A long, and detailed article on the techniques of leather-working, including detail on all tools used, and how to use them. Covers most forms of leather working.

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Star Trek: The Original Series, & VR ~ The City on The Edge of Forever
The guardian offers the chance to visit any time frame, any settlement, any possible world, exactly as it was, in intricate detail. It itself is not a VR since it changes the actual history of events, but in all other ways the metaphor is the same. It is a window upon worlds, in which countless possibilities unfold, and which may be stepped through; immersed into to see how any civilisation lived in the past.

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Using the Allport Scale on Virtual Societies
If you are developing any scenario or social order in a virtual environment where prejudice is manifested in any way, shape or form, whether as part of a storyline for entertainment, edutainment, or straight education of effects, then the Allport scale is a very useful tool to use to model your society by.

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Value on a MUD
The value of objects changes from world to world, depending on intent, style, or any one of a thousand factors. ?The quest token that sends you into spasms of joy will be nothing special elsewhere.? This guide is set up to try and help content creators decide what should be valuable, and why.

This tome, written long before the Metaverse Roadmap, was one of the first large works to discuss how virtual spaces create entirely new kinds of space, and require mapping constructs and methodologies utterly alien to what had come before.

Construction Materials (1)

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Ceramic Plastic
If you use our civilisation as a guide, then it becomes apparent that plastics without petrochemicals, are indeed possible.

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Settlement Layout (2)

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Aztec Templo Mayor: A VR World in a Book
It's a novel concept, creating an elaborate VR world with painstaking detail then primarily only giving access to it through the pages of a dead-tree printed book. However, that is just what Antonio Serrato-Combe, professor of architecture at the University of Utah, did.

The book is certainly enough to use as fodder for any seeking to recreate an Aztec-like world, and the painstakingly created visualizations serve as outstanding material to copy for modellers.