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There is no point in having the most technologically advanced, persistent virtual environment, with full sensory immersion?if you have no content to fill it with.

As a builder, you require specialised tools to make your job as creator of the land, just that little bit easier. Programs designed to visualise, and arrange your creations, turning a mammoth task just a little bit manageable.


ActiveWorlds (2)

Locally Hosted resource
ActiveWorlds 4.1: Working with Zones
Zones are new to ActiveWorlds as of version 4.1, released June 2006. They allow litte bubbles of sub-worlds inside the main world, in which the environment itself, can be totally separate from that of the main world, down to the law of gravity itself.

Locally Hosted resource
ActiveWorlds: The Cell-Grid
An overview of the ActiveWorlds world grid which comprises the foundation of all ActiveWorlds virtual environments. Intended as both an overview for the uninitiated, and a tutorial for those actively working with such.

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