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VR designed for therapy, for phobia relief, and overcoming our worries, for beating back addiction, for wrestling down bad behaviour, for liberating us from habit, and restoring quality of life.


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (2)

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Virtual Iraq: Using simulation to treat a new generation of traumatized veterans
An emotionally powerful article by the New Yorker, on the use of virtual reality immersion to to treat young war veterans returning from conflict with acute post traumatic stress disorder.

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Virtual-Reality Program Recreates Traumatic Memory
An innovative project at Tripler Army Medical Centre utilises an immersive virtual reality interface to take patients back to the war zones they experienced, to treat their battlefield stress.

Addictions (0)

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Phobias (1)

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A Therapeutic VR for Driving Phobias
Researchers at The University of Manchester have recruited volunteers with a variety of driving phobias to test whether virtual reality can be used alongside conventional psychological therapies to help tackle their fears. Impressively they are including full immersion VR in the trials.

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Virtual Bodies (2)

A resource list, dedicated to chronicling the efforts of recreating severed limbs via virtual reality, so as to fool the brain into believing the limb is still attached, and thus eliminating the chronic pain, with sensations of stabbing, burning or cutting which are often severe, that 65% of amputees suffer.

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Virtual Pain Relief: Virtual limb could provide relief from phantom limb pain
Reproduced with permission of The Wellcome Trust, this article takes a look in depth at the use of VR based limbs, to trick the brain into thinking the limb is still physically there - and make the pain vanish.

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Virtual Physiotherapy (1)

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Virtual reality Transforming Physiotherapy
A researcher at Portsmouth university creates the first practical VR physiotherapy interface and begins clinical trials, opening the floodgates for other efforts.

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Tele-therapy (2)

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Robotic Therapy offers Natural Rewiring
MIT have released details of their work with robotic physio therapy to help children suffering from the uncomfortable condition of cerebral palsy, and stroke victims, gain maximum control over their given physical body.

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Social VR (Second Life) offers healing, therapeutic options for users
A lengthy, somewhat deeply personal look at the advantages of adding - note not replacing - to your therapy requirements via semi-anonymous sessions in virtual environements. Bonding with other individuals in group sessions accomplishes more when the fear of gossip in the individual's home town is completely removed.

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Pain (1)

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Imagination Eases Pain: Study Reinforces Effect Shown by VRs
A study has been performed on the use of imagination in children as a pain blocker. Whilst not directly connected with VR in pain relief itself, the results do serve to reinforce the position that diverting the child's attention elsewhere during a procedure, utterly diverting it and holding that diversion, is successful in removing the effect of pain.

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Cognitive Enhancement (1)

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Stroboscopic Memory Training
A method of training the brain through means of stroboscopics bears a striking resemblance to the basic technology underlying all VR display systems. Could VR really be used to enhance memory, even more efficiently than the physical world-based trials?