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The first use thought of for law enforcement VR is in training of law enforcement officers; putting them in dangerous situations without actual danger. Teaching how to use equipment and prepare for the outside world. VR goes further. Used properly, it can help to solve the crime as well.


Virtual Crimes (3)

As virtual reality systems are becoming more complex, more social and more widespread, the flow of crime issuing forth from within virtual reality environments is a policing issue all of itís very own.
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Mugging ? on a Massive Virtual Scale
Industry News

News from the 18th of August 2005, the first recorded case of a man arrested for mugging a great many people in a virtual world - and then taking their virtual goods, and selling them wholesale on an auction website. Industrial grade mugging - in a virtual world.

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Player wins court battle to restore property
This article made the news in December 2003, when a long time player of a certain virtual world, successfully sued for financial compensation when his items were deleted by the server. It set a worrying precident for many.

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Virtual Property Theft ? Physical Murder
Industry News

Industry news, from 01-04-2005. Hands up who saw this one coming? That?s right, you can all put your hands down now. Virtual property, existing only in a database server, has long been a hot topic in virtual reality, as to who actually owns it. Now, this case has reached a new level, with the murder of a man accused of stealing a virtual sword.

Situation Training (0)

Law enforcement personnel could face almost any situation in the course of a normal day. From a fatality to a crazed gun wielder. A traffic snafu to a plane crash. Situation training in VR allows the horrors to hit home hard, in a safe training environment before the actual thing.

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Forensic Visualisation (8)

One of the main strengths of VR is visualisation; creating a scene in all its tiny details that surrounds the viewer, making them part of the scene, or allowing the data to be viewed in ways just not possible without it.
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Geographic Information SystemsThe Sensor Web
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360 degree Full Motion Video Panoramas
The ISIS panoramic camera offers many new possibilities for security - and also for the use and applications of panoramic VR systems.

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Augmented Vision Cops
Beat officers, pounding the streets in the UK, have unleashed an AR-inspired weapon on the war on crime.

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Drive to fight Child Pornography Drives Creation of High Volume Image Scanner
Child pornography is a really nasty business. Sexual images of nude children making their rounds on the internet or stored secretly on private business servers are part of the problem. A potential solution may have been discovered. A German AI has been created, designed to search through all images on a given system, and only get 'excited' by the ones the police are looking for.

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EFIT-V: The Evolved Police Sketch Artist
The problem with photofit and sketch artists is, that human memory is not geared to remember fine facial features, even of people they know well. How then, to take advantage of facial recognition when looking for a suspect's identity?

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Virtual autopsies dissect humans and animals
In 2008, Anders Persson, director of the Centre for Medical Image Science and Visualisation at Link?ping University, Sweden, created algorithmic improvements to CT scans, sharp enough to be used as 3D virtual autopsies.

Police in the United Kingdom are starting to augment their bodies with technology, in order to better perform their duties. Crude augmented reality equipment is already becoming standard issue.

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VR and the Courtroom (1)

Whilst the law is perhaps the slowest industry to change, eventually even they may recognise some of the benefits of a virtual environment courtroom with full legal powers, or the virtues of telepresence to bring to court defendants who could not for whatever reason, physically make it in.
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Telepresence used for Criminal Court Proceedings
Industry News

Industry news, originally posted 11-01-2017, deemed too important to allow to fade. On the 11th of January 2017 the trial of Rolf Harris's alleged sexual misconduct started - marking the first time telepresence was used for the sole representiation of the defendant in a UK court of criminal law, and quite possibly the first anywhere.