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A 3D engine is a wrapper program, or programming interface library that handles all the nitty gritty work of setting up and interfacing with graphics cards, video display modes and paging files. They contain pre-written routines for drawing, animating, texture mapping, and collision detection, along with memory and processor management. This frees up the developers from having to learn how every system architecture works, greatly speeding the process.


Basics (10)

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Camera SpaceClip Space
Clipping planeModel Space
Screen SpaceSpace to Space
View FrustumView Space

Exploring geovisualization, is a tome dedicated to the visualisation of data. Specifically, visualising data of a physical or non-physical nature, in the format of geographic landscaping ? in other words, highly visual, highly graphical formats.

Cg, literally ?C for graphics?, underpins the entirety of the digital, interactive world. This book serves as a primer, for those who have never ventured into it before, and explores both the DirectX and OpenGL angles of coding and creating graphics procedurally.

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Region Rendering

Aimed at the working Visual C++ game developer, 3D Game Engine Design provides a tour of mathematical techniques for 3-D graphics, and the source code that's used to implement them in state of year 2000?s art gameworld engines.