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Resource List:  E3 2006
The Electronic Entertainment Expo, E3, one of the most major computer-based entertainment (read: Mainstream) events in the calendar year, starts on the 10th of May 2006. Here, we track the events and announcements from the big guns, and the little guns, as the event unfolds.

Locally Hosted resource VR Interfaces: Wii

The Nintendo Wii - formerly the Nintendo Revolution, was formally announced at an E3 2006 press conference. The display screen lit up to a Mario game, with Mario running around, and picking up crates to throw at enemies - and the crate followed the same path onscreen.

Locally Hosted resource E3 2006: Microsoft unveils new wireless headset

The 360 Wireless Headset, announced as part of a spate of new hardware for the Xbox 360, at an E3 press conference, is a small ear-mounted microphone and speaker, designed in modern soft curves, and possessing easy access to volume, mute, and power buttons located on the headset itself.

Locally Hosted resource E3 2006: Activision to Open DreamWorks Studio

Activision has announced they will be opening a studio facility on the DreamWorks campus. The new studio will help Activision and DreamWorks collaborate on upcoming movie-licensed titles.

Locally Hosted resource VR Interfaces: Wii light-gun attachment

Announced just one day after the Nintendo Wii itself, at E3 2006?s second day, the Nintendo Wii light-gun attachment connects directly to the back of the Nintendo Wii-mote immersion controller.

Locally Hosted resource E3 2006: Microsoft's Mobile Move

Live Anywhere is Microsoft's plan to link up the world?s Xbox 360, Windows Vista, and mobile phones. The plan is nothing short of full, seamless integration of your handset into a network that connects every device that runs a Microsoft operating system.