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Resource List: ActiveWorlds 4.1, Feature Tutorials
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Resource List:  ActiveWorlds 4.1, Feature Tutorials
ActiveWorlds released it's 4.1 codebase in early June 2006. This was a radical departure from previous versions, with focus on collaborative interactivity, and realistic effects.

Many of the new effects are quite complex to set up, and quite powerful, so as service to the users of this codebase, we offer the following tutorials:

Locally Hosted resource ActiveWorlds 4.1: Working with Movers

Movers are the vehicles of ActiveWorlds codebase worlds. They were new as of version 4.1, released June 2006. For those who have worked with this codebase a long time, the new vehicles may take some getting used to, as they function in a completely different way to the bump warps and teleports they have used previously.

Locally Hosted resource ActiveWorlds 4.1: Working with Particles

New in version 4.1 of ActiveWorlds is the particle fountain. These are emitters designed to generate long streams of particles - textures, lighting effects or entire 3D objects, one after the other, with a wide range of special effects, flowing and churning.

Locally Hosted resource ActiveWorlds 4.1: Working with Zones

Zones are new to ActiveWorlds as of version 4.1, released June 2006. They allow litte bubbles of sub-worlds inside the main world, in which the environment itself, can be totally separate from that of the main world, down to the law of gravity itself.

Locally Hosted resource ActiveWorlds: Local Caching a world

Any user of dial-up who has accessed the VR codebase ActiveWorlds for any length of time knows this problem: You download the world, then the computer locks up, or the browser crashes. You restart, only to find out you have to download the world from scratch again, as the datafile the program uses for downloads, corrupts if it is terminated unexpectedly.