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Resource List:  DARPA Grand Challenge
Mojave Desert, Nevada, deep in the Primm Valley. This is the site of DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)'s annual Grand Challenge.

The Grand Challenge is a Robotics contest, which first started in Autumn 2004. The task is ro assemble a group of unmanned, self-driving vehicles, and compete in an Artificial-Intelligence race over 100-150 miles of offroad course, in DARPA's drive to create robotic combat machines.

The research of course, also benefits all areas of AI, and robotics work across the board. As well as the prestige of claiming a Grand Challenge prize, $2,000,000 of cold cash is a lot of research money,

Linked resource 2004 Grand Challenge Website

The first of the grand challenges' officially military tracking website. In the first challenge, the best AI driven vehicle managed seven miles, and here you can find all the statistical information you require.

Locally Hosted resource Excitement revving as robot race gets under way

Our full VWN coverage of the second annual DARPA Grand Challenge, and the first one to actually see self-drivin, self-navigating robotic vehicles complete a 131 mile long course without human intervention. Notably, the worst robot this year, managed nine miles - two more than 2004's best.

Linked resource 2005 Grand Challenge Website

Official military site of the 2005 Grand Challenge. Includes full statistical break downs and press releases. Several robots completedthe challenge in 2005, for the first time.