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Resource List:  Junior and the Quest for Autonomous Cars
Junior is a Stanford university AI. First debuting to the public in 2007, when he competed in the DARPA Urban Challenge, to both test and showcase the extent of development towards an autonomous road car.

Junior succeeded at the challenge, coming second out of fifty entrants on a specially prepared set of roads on an old army base. It was also one of only three cars to qualify for a California driver?s license based solely on how the AI handled itself during the test.

Since then, the team have not been idle, and this list serves to point out some of the key milestones with the Junior AI in its various incarnations ? milestones towards the day when artificial intelligence controlled vehicles will truly be driving around on the roads, interacting safely with other road users.

Locally Hosted resource Resource List: DARPA Grand Challenge 3: Urban Challenge

The Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) grand challenges were held between 2005-2007. The grand challenges are races, wacky races style. The vehicles are all robots, self-driving AI vehicles. No human input to speak of. If the robots cannot navigate the track all on their own, they are disqualified.

Locally Hosted resource AI Cars, Driving Like Hooligans

Stanford's Junior AI, on handbrake skid parking, without a human influence on the system, in dynamic environments, with only a two foot variance in position at 25mph. Or, the first baby steps towards dynamic switching between open and closed loop systems.