HOT Helmet
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The HOT Helmet, or Heat Observation Technology, is a headpiece developed by Hothead Technologies out of Atlanta, Georgia, US, which is designed for sports usage, and combat usage. It monitors the temperature of the head, during use. This is ideal if the person is wearing a helmet anyway, and is exerting themselves in a hot climate.

That applies equally to soldiers in the middle east, as it does to players in rugby and American football games - which is where the original inspiration came from. HOT itself, is basically a spoon sized thermistor wrapped around the inside of the helmet, out of the path of likely head-helmet contact points, combined with a small wi-fi transmitter. This sends a pulse every 10 seconds to a central station up to a tenth of a mile away, where an alert can be sounded if the individual's head temperature exceeds 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius). This is the temperature that typically triggers heat-stroke, and impairs thought.

By being under the helmet, and close to the scalp, the temperature gauge system is about as accurate as a rectal thermometer, without the same … practicality issues.

At time of writing, Hothead Technologies had secured deals with three of the major US helmet manufacturers, and expect to roll out 10,000 units by year end.

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