The Aztec Templo Mayor: A Visualization
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By Antonio Serrato-Combe
Produced By University of Utah Press
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Aztec Templo Mayor, a professor of architecture at the University of Utah, has spent decades bringing the ancient structures of the Aztecs into focus. However, when he had collected his research together, he was not sure how to present it. The buildings themselves were long gone, ruling out any chance of showing this civilisation at its height in the traditional sense.

After a chance remark from a student however, he hit upon the idea of creating a virtual reality, and recreating the Templo Mayor, the epicenter for Aztec ceremonial life. This book is thus VR in print; an entire virtual reality world presented page by page in a lavishly illustrated volume accompanying his research on the culture, to a very in depth degree.

The book is certainly enough to use as fodder for any seeking to recreate an Aztec-like world, and the painstakingly created visualisations serve as outstanding material to copy for modellers.

The book has formed the basis for a British Museum exhibition exploring the power and empire of the last elected Aztec Emperor, Moctezuma II.

Sample image, from the book.