Game Programming Gems: Book 1
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By Dante Treglia
Produced By Charles River Media
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Note: Like all books in this series, Gems book 1 assumes knowledge of C / C++.

First published in 2000, book one of this series set one of the primary standards for game programmers. As a logical extension of this, simulation designers benefit tremendously as well. The book essentially argues a need to use standards to help an industry take off.

With programming for real-time environments, technologies are changing so fast that it is essential you develop cross-platform methods, and standardised libraries and components that do not slow either development or execution time are a must.

Additionally, in an environment increasingly dominated by patent wars, it is essential that whatever standards are settled upon, are ones which are not owned by any one company. The only way to create such standards, is for developers to share what they know, and the best ways they have found for doing things, so that others may benefit in kind.

Obviously this means the book heavily pushes the open source movement. But, as it is not written by a single author or viewpoint, this does not matter so much. Instead, it is a massive collection of articles on a wide variety of topics, by a cross section of heavily experienced gaming industry coders.

Includes CD with full source code from the articles. After all, it is about sharing and promoting standards of coding. All is open source.