A Knight's Tale
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Product Information
By Escape Artists / Finestkind
Produced By Columbia Pictures
Additional Information

This is a great product, in so many ways. Firstly, it?s a great film, a romantic light comedy set in medieval times, fast moving and full of British humour.

On top of that, the core of the story is the premise that, whatever your start, you can rise to greatness, and see your dreams fulfilled, regardless of society, and the objects put in your way. This is true of the main character, rising from humble beginnings to knighthood, by any means he can, and it is also true of many others, including a Ferris (female blacksmith) who goes from the contempt of her male peers, to become one of the best n the trade.

As a resource for the virtual, it shines still further, as it is epic of a different sort to the classics. Virtually every aspect of medieval life is included, not just as backdrop but as people really lived it. Everything from the nobility and clergy, on down to the poorest plyers of their trades, rogues and scoundrels too.

The similarities between the classes are clear to see alongside the differences, and the medieval backdrops and set pieces are absolutely breathtaking. Every detail is present, making it plain to see just want towns, castles, villages, fields, roads, cathedrals, rivers? virtually every aspect of life as it should look in this time period, details abound. You could not ask for a better resource for this time period, and all its facets, brought to life before your eyes ? unless of course, you encountered it in a virtual world itself.