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Site Shop > Virtual Storytelling. Using Virtual Reality Technologies for Storytelling: International Conference Proceedings 2001

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the first International Conference on Virtual Storytelling, ICVS 2001, held in Avignon, France, in September 2001. Taking the original blurb from the 2001 conference:

If you are using or developing tools or algorithms that can be used to author digital stories, if you are interested in Virtual Reality technologies as real and efficient solutions for creating interactive 3D content or optimizing and managing their production, then you should not miss the International Conference on Digital Storytelling which will occur in September 2001 in Avignon - France which organises the World's most important theatre festival.

This international conference will gather researchers from the scientific, artistic and industrial communities to demonstrate new methods and techniques, show the latest results, and to exchange concepts and ideas for the use of Virtual Reality technologies for creating, populating, rendering and interacting with stories, what ever their form be it theatre, movie, cartoon, advertisement, puppet show, multimedia work, video-games...

This book is thusly a collection of all 24 major papers from that conference, covering a very diverse, fascinating range of topics essential for all manner of VR creation, not just storytelling.

The topics covered in 213 pages are thus:

 Under Construction in Europe: Virtual and Mixed Reality for a Rich Media Experience

* Generation of True 3D Films

* Spatial Sound Enhancing Virtual Story Telling

* The VISIONS Project

* Programming Agent with Purposes: Application to Autonomous Shouting in Virtual Environment

* Interactive immersive Transfiction

* Interactive Storytelling: People, Stories, and Games

* An Authoring Tool for Intelligent Educational Games

* Generation and Implementation of Mixed-Reality, Narrative Performances Involving Robotic Actors

* Film and the Development of Interactive Narrative

* Virtual Storytelling as Narrative Potential: Towards an Ecology of Narrative

* Adaptive Narrative: How Autonomous Agents, Hollywood, and Multiprocessing Operating Systems Can Live Happily Ever After

* Learning in Character: Building Autonomous Animated Characters

* Real Characters in Virtual Stories

* They Learn What They Ought to Learn

* Real-Time Character Animation using Multi-layered Scripts and Spacetime Optimisation

* Characters in Search of an Author: AI-based Virtual Storytelling

* Virtual Agents? Self-Perception in Story Telling

* Reflections from a Hobby Horse

* DocToon? - A Mediator in a Hospital of the XXI Century

* The Interplay between Form, Story, and History: The Use of Narrative in Cultural and Educational Virtual Reality

* Virtual Storytelling of Cooperative Activities in a Theatre of Work

* Virtual Storytelling for Training: An Application to Fire Fighting in an Industrial Environment

* Computer Animation and Virtual Reality for Live Art Performance

* Virtual House of European Culture e-AGORIA (Electronic Arts for Geographically Open Real Audience)


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