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Brainscan is an interesting little film. It is a B-movie at best, but that said, its not a bad one.

Starring Edward Furlong (Terminator 2), the premise is that this teen is sent the latest in VR tech through the post ? Brainscan, the ultimate in VR video gaming. Slipping the headset on, he finds himself playing as a murderer. He has to kill another human being, and not leave any witnesses. A four stage game, he completes the first stage, and finds to his horror, the murder really did take place, and people are on to him. In order to stay free, he has to complete each of the other stages, to remove witnesses, or go back and do a stage again, removing a murder weapon. Each time, reality shifts to match his actions.

If it sounds like its one of those ?computer games turn people into murderers? title shots of the mass media in the last decade, it?s not. It is a psychological mind twist of a ride, but its not trying to insinuate that playing video games is evil, more that perhaps this particular ?game? is evil.

A qualm, sadly, is that the scriptwriter only seems to have the vaguest idea about how computer systems might function, and the same with games. There are many plot holes, and the acting can be a little over the top and flat at the same time. However, that said, it is enjoyable for what it is, and a more intricate plot than many scare fests made since.


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