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The Last Mimzy is based on "Mimsy Were the Borogoves"
by Lewis Padgett in 1943

The Last Mimzy opens on a field of flowers, with young children rushing bout picking small bunches. They place them together in a pattern that we don?t get to see, in the centre of the field, and gather round it, as their teacher begins to tell them a story.

She flashes things back to a world of isolation, depression, war, where humans lived in paranoia and fear, isolated from the natural environment, increasingly dependant on machines and exosuits to survive, a dying world. There, a scientist was working on a way to save the people. He had failed many times before, and this was the last time he could try it. An indistinct mass was fitted into a bubble and shot into a wormhole: The last Mimzy.

Not a Normal Toy

From that point on, the film is told in flashback mode, as the view goes through the wormhole, and emerges at a buzzing security gate set off by a young girl?s braces on the other side, at a high school entrance even further into the past.

The Last Mimzy is a story of a future (to us) society?s attempt to utilise time travel to find a solution, to a catastrophic ecological disaster that has destroyed their world. Mimzys have been sent all over time and space, in an attempt to find uncorrupted DNA.

Two children entering their first day of easter break, are taken to a beach cabin by their parents, for an away from it all holiday. Whilst playing on the beach, they notice a strange object sticking above the surf. Going over to investigate, they find a strange cube-like object like nothing they have ever seen.

The boy Noah, and the girl Emma, pluck it from the surf, and examine it on the beach. Noah and Emma both hold it momentarily, and Noah says he wonders if it opens. Obediently the box immediately slides apart, revealing a compartment area inside.

Noah picks up a slightly green tinted rectangle of clear, veiney material he finds inside, and studies it. It reminds him in form of a hand held game console, only without the controls; all screen. They decide to keep it a secret from their parents and smuggle both pieces into the house.

Their mother catches both playing with the screen and asks to see it. Noah hands it to her and as he does, it changes from transparent green to black rock. It stays black and inert until she hands it back to him, telling him it would make a nice paperweight. As he takes it, it returns to transparent green.

Later that night, Emma hears the box call out to her. Pulling it out from under the beds, she stares as it opens on its own accord to reveal a sea shell. A shell that was not there before. Emma also finds a large blue rock and a spire of glistening black. She sets them on the bed, not knowing what to do with them. The box starts moving again, a second compartment opening below the first.

In it, is an adorable cuddly bunny rabbit with light brown and white fur, and pink pads. It lays there, looking up at her. As Emma lifts it out, she hears Mimzy purr in her thoughts, a murmuring sweet sound. It tells her its name, which she repeats questioningly. Noah wakes and tries to take the new toys away from Emma. He pulls the black spire off the bed nd she grabs for it. He pulls harder and it falls to the floor, shattering into stones.

Gathering them up, Noah and Emma asks what they are for, and Mimzy tells Emma. Noah doesn?t believe her at first, until she lifts a stone, activates it as instructed and sets it down. The stone lifts into the air and hovers spinning rapidly. Emma activates five more and they create a shimmering bubble in the middle of them, a transport item Mimzy speaks of.

Intel where no Intel Can Be

Over time, interaction with the devices has a profound effect on the children. They develop increased intelligence and psychic capabilities, including teleportation of objects, telepathy, levitation, telekinesis, and the ability to communicate with bugs. Emma?s emotional attachment to Mimzy grows and regrows as Mimzy serves as her mentor and her friend.

The children's unusual abilities and Emma's obsessive attachment to Mimzy soon alert their parents and teachers to the devices. Some time later, Noah while playing around, inserts the green display into the blue rock, and is shocked as both transform into a new device, and release a blast of power that shuts down electrical generation for the entire east coast of the United States.

Needless to say, this gets the government?s attention, and the FBI start investigating. The family is held for questioning, and the children?s brains are scanned. This reveals more questions than it answers: both are far further along the evolutionary scale for brain development than any other human on the planet. They?re not being changed as such, they?re evolving to what humans will become. Emma?s obsession with Mimzy is noted, and Mimzy is scanned. What they see looks almost mechanical, not like a doll at all. So a slice is taken and fed into an electron microscope. The result is staggering. Nanotechnology thousands of years ahead of anything they have seen. Then, right at the centre, at the very limit of scanning, they find a five atom wide Intel logo, etched directly into the middle of what appears to be the great, great, great, many times great grandchild of a computer chip. A logo that the CEO of Intel states bluntly when brought in, is way beyond their capacity to make, and certainly would not be possible for many lifetimes.

Emma relays to a stunned meeting of minds, that Mimzy is explaining the mission to her. Each Mimzy has brought a message from humanity's future, where pollution has corrupted humanity's DNA. Humans cannot travel through time without dying, so they built artificial life forms to travel in their place. Many rabbits like Mimzy were sent to the past, but none had successfully returned; Mimzy is the last one remaining. Mimzy explains to the children that they must use the toys as a time machine to return her to the future with uncorrupted 21st century DNA, which the people of the future can use to correct the damage to their DNA caused by the ecological problems.


Despite attempts by an unbelieving FBI to hinder them, Noah and Emma use their psychic powers to escape with Mimzy and the other objects and are able to initiate the time transport by which Mimzy can return to the future.

Mimzy carries with it a tear of Emma's from when she has to say goodbye, giving the future her pure DNA: enough to correct the problems.

Flashback ends after Mimzy returns home, and we are back in the field, where the children now exhibit the same gifts Emma and Noah did, and we see the field is in the middle of a city unlike anything we have today. Mankind is in total communion with nature, and technology has advanced beyond comprehension..


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