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This book is predominately a medical textbook, designed for students. However, it is a heavily illustrated tome, with detailed diagrams and explanations of lower body prosthetics lavishly slapped over a great many of its pages. It looks at when prosthetics might be necessary, and how they would be integrated into the body.

Fairly up to date with latest innovations, there is a wealth of material here suitable for other fields as well.

For example, the mechanics of gait are discussed in considerable depth, along with the challenges of recreating it.

Psychosocial issues, biomechanics, and much, much more is aired in the book, as it attempts to cover everything that is occurring in this rapidly changing field, from a medical and an engineering perspective, without compromising either.

The book also provides paediatric and geriatric perspectives, a wealth of other literature referenced, many critical thinking questions, lab activities and practical applications.
to Physical Therapist Practice Format.


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