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Site Shop > The Bionic Human: Health Promotion for People with Implanted Prosthetic Devices

Surprisingly, whilst a great deal has been written about device implantation and adjustment, very little has been penned about how these patients should be dealt with, post operation, in living with their prosthesis. That gap is where this tome comes in. It tries to fill the void gap by providing an in-depth analysis of practices for managing patients from a slew of case studies from experts around the globe. Helping to show what works and what does not.

In each case the experts? own opinions are given as for justification of the route they took with patients. So much so that the book can be considered an authority in and of itself. This work provides a worldwide perspective in a one-volume reference for physicians and surgeons for managing their prosthetic device patients.

The devices covered range from breast, penile, vascular, and joint prostheses to cochlear, ossicular, and dental implants, and include cerebrospinal fluid shunts, cardiac valves, stents, and pacemakers.


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