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This book comprises the proceedings of the sixth Modelling and Simulation conference IASTED (International Association of Science and TEchnology for Development) ran, back in 2007.

Comprising 680 pages, and 174 papers. Topics include:

 3-Dimensional Modelling
 Agent-based Modelling
 Agricultural Modelling
 Air Modelling and Simulation
 Aquatic Ecosystems
 Arterial Wall Mechanics
 Artificial Intelligence
 Atmospheric Modelling
 Biological Systems
 Biomechanical Modelling
 Biomedical Modelling
 Bond Graph Modelling
 Business Process Simulation
 Cardiovascular Modelling
 CASE Systems in Engineering Design
 Climatic Modelling
 Computational Geometry
 Computer Aided Design
 Congestion Control Mechanisms
 Continuous and Discrete Methodology
 Cost Benefit Analysis
 Data Modelling
 Dental Modelling
 Discrete Event Simulation
 Distributed Simulation
 Dynamic Modelling
 Earth System Modelling
 E-Commerce
 Economics
 Ecosystem Modelling
 Electricity Market Modelling;
 Energy Demand Modelling
 Energy Economics
 Energy Flow Modelling
 Expert Systems
 Fault Simulation
 Financial Models
 Finite Element Methods
 Flexible Manufacturing Systems
 Fluid Models
 Forecasting
 Freshwater Ecosystems
 Fuzzy Systems
 Genetic Algorithms
 Harmonics Modelling
 Hazardous Material
 Health Care Modelling
 Human Animation
 Human-Machine Interfaces
 Hydrological Modelling
 Image-guided Surgery
 Industrial Automation
 Information System Management
 Intelligent Agents
 Intelligent Control
 Joint Modelling
 Knowledge Management Systems
 Knowledge-based Systems
 Limb Modelling
 Logic Programming
 Logistics
 Marine Ecosystems
 Mathematical Modelling
 M-Commerce.
 Medical Education
 Medical Imaging
 Medical Instrument Design
 Medical Robotics
 Medical Vision
 Meteorological Modelling
 Mobile Robots
 Mobile Source Emissions
 Model Development
 Modelling of Energy Sources
 Modelling of Sports Injuries
 Monte Carlo Simulation
 Motion Planning
 Multimedia Systems
 Multi-Paradigm Visualisation
 Multi-Robot Systems
 Muscular Modelling
 Natural Resource Management
 Network Simulation
 Neural Networks
 Numerical Methods
 Object Oriented Implementation
 Operation and Production Management
 Operations Research
 Optimisation
 Orthopaedic Modelling
 Patient Simulators
 Petri Nets
 Physically-based Modelling
 Power Network Simulation
 Power Plant Modelling
 Power Quality Analysis
 Process Automation
 Resource Management
 Respiratory Mechanics
 Risk Analysis
 Robot Design
 Robust Robot Control
 SCADA Systems
 Scheduling
 Sensing and Data Fusion
 Simulation Optimization
 Simulation Tools and Languages
 Simulation Uncertainty
 Stability Studies
 Statistical and Probabilistic Modelling
 Stochastic Models
 Supply Chain Management
 Surgical Modelling
 Surgical Simulators
 Surgical Training
 Synthetic Environments
 Telecommunications
 Tele-Medicine
 Tele-Robotics
 Terrain Analysis
 Terrestrial Ecosystems
 Time Series Analysis
 Total Quality Management
 Transient Analysis
 Transmission Line Modelling
 Turbine Modelling
 Virtual Reality
 Web-based Simulation
 Work Flow Management

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Full Paper List

The following is a list of all papers contained in this volume. Where possible, papers are hyperlinked if we have access to individual online versions. Otherwise, the publishers charge 25 us dollars for access to each individually.

Rain Attenuation Modelling for Low Earth Orbiting Satellite Ground Station at S - Band in Europe
S. Cakaj (Kosovo) and K. Malarić (Croatia)

On Alamouti Scheme Performance in Spatially Correlated Fading and Pilot Assisted Channel Prediction
K. Almustafa, S. Primak, and T.J. Willink (Canada)

On the Covariance Function of a Mobile-to-Mobile Communication Link
S. Primak and K. Almustafa (Canada)

Parallel Implementation of Multi-Resolution Models in Distributed Simulation System
B. Liu, J. Hao, and K. Huang (PRC)

Performance Analysis and Simulation of an Equivalent Model of Serial Queues for Computer Networks
C.-P. Chen and Y.-W. Bai (Taiwan)

Anger Filter in Agent Simulation of Human Behavior
N. Ghasem-Aghaee, L. PoorMohamadBagher, M. Kaedi (Iran), and T.I. ren (Canada)

Camera Operation Estimation Algorithm using Low Level Vision in Digital Video
H.C. Lee, Y.W. Chang, J.H. Lee, and O.B. Jang (Korea)

Spam Filtering Improvement of an E-mail Server by the Cooperation of Multi-Filter Firewall and Virtual Networks
Y.-W. Bai and M.-Y. Tsai (Taiwan)

On Static Pricing of Threshold-Policies at a Single Queue
L.-M. Le Ny and B. Tuffin (France)

Load Representation Impact on the Damping of Electromechanical Oscillations in Electrical Power Systems
J.G. Calderon-Guizar (Mexico)

Modeling and Simulation of Computational Techniques used in Numerical Protective Relays
T.S. Sidhu, M.D. Zadeh, and M. Vijayasarathi (Canada)

Simulation-based Design of Active Filters
N. Rathle and C.W. Brice (USA)

An Accelerated Zone 2 Trip Algorithm for Non-Pilot Distance Relays
G.R. Ortiz and T.S. Sidhu (Canada)

Numerical Study to Determine Corona Inception Electric Field using a Rod-Plane Configuration
H. Javadi (Iran), A. Peyda, and M. Farzaneh (Canada)

Simulation of Finite-Element Sensitivities for Power Cables in Complex Media
M.S. Al-Saud, M.A. El-Kady, and R.D. Findlay (Canada)

A Simulation Model for Assessing the Uncertainties of Wind Farm Production
G.C. Vineel, A. Sarkar, A. Saha, and A. Anbarasu (India)

On Solar Building Energy Devices
H. Dehra (Canada)

Impact of Wind Generators on the Stability of Power System Network
K.A. Folly and K. Tjiuma (South Africa)

An Approach to Beacons Detection for a Mobile Robot using a Neural Network Model
A. Boutarfa, N.-E. Bouguechal (Algeria), and H. Emptoz (France)

Link Space Control for Parallel Machines with Consideration of Dynamics
J.-h. Chin and G.-W. Huang (Taiwan)

Modelling and Simulation for Feedback Control of Welding
F. Sikstrm, A.-K. Christiansson, and B. Lennartson (Sweden)

Structural Vibration Response Analysis of a 3-PRR Flexible Parallel Manipulator Moving with High-Speed
Xuping Zhang, J.K. Mills, and W.L. Cleghorn (Canada)

The Influence of Fastener-Pad Stiffness to the Track Vibration Behavior
C.-M. Kuo, C.-H. Huang, and H.-L. Hsu (Taiwan)

Hardware Simulation of an Adaptive Control Algorithm
S. He and X. Xu (USA)

Statistical Process Control of Electroencephalographs
T. Tsagaroulis and A. Ben Hamza (Canada)

A New Approach on Dynamic Analysis and Control Synthesis of Object Grasping by Manipulators
S.H. Jazi, M. Keshmiri, and F. Sheikholeslam (Iran)

Simulation of a One-Legged Hopping Robot with Phase Plane Stability
A. Sato (Canada)

Numerical and Experimental Studies of Automotive Connector Behavior
R. El Abdi, N. Benjemaa, and M. Beloufa (France)

Throttled Lazy Cancellation in Time Warp Simulation
H.M.S. Ramadan (Saudi Arabia)

Side Impact Simulation using Reduced Order Finite Element Models
P.R. Marur and S. Srinivas (India)

Chaotic Characteristics of Joint Motions during Normal Gait
S.-M. Ye, K. Son, J.-H. Park, and K.-W. Seo (Korea)

A Restoring Effect of Composite Resins on a Notch-Shaped Non-Carious Cervical Lesion
K.-H. Kim, S.-G. Woo, K. Son, and J.-K. Park (Korea)

Teaching the Simulation Process in an Undergraduate Chemical Reactors Design Course
E. Arce-Medina (Mexico)

Multi Resolution Infrared Optical Properties for Gaussian Sea Surfaces
S. Fauqueux, K. Caillault, C. Bourlier, P. Simoneau, and L. Labarre (France)

Finite Element Bounds for Linear Functionals of Exact Solutions to the Three-Dimensional Poisson's Equation
S. Ghomeshi, Z. Cheng, and M. Paraschivoiu (Canada)

Increasing the Effectiveness of Value Stream Mapping using Simulation Tools in Engine Test Operations
J. Narasimhan, L. Parthasarathy, and P.S. Narayan (USA)

A Model for Interpretation of a Re-Start Experiment of Viscous Oil-Water Annular Flow
A.C. Bannwart, A. Barbosa, and G.S. Ribeiro (Brazil)

Capacity Modelling of the Coal Value Chain at Sasol Coal Supply
M. Harmse and J.J.v. Rensburg (South Africa)

Modeling, Mathematical Simulation and Non-Linear Analysis of Magnetorheological Valve Damper
N. Eslaminasab, T. Gillespie, and M.F. Golnaraghi (Canada)

Simulation of Shear Spinning Process using Finite Element Method
J.-H. Zhao, H. Champliaud, and T.-M. Dao (Canada)

A Simulation of Power-Aware Scheduling of Task Graphs to Multiple Processors
X. Qi, C. Jones, and S. Cannon (USA)

An Accurate and Fast Schrdinger-Poisson Solver using Finite Element Method
M.K. Alam, A. Alam, S. Ahmed, M.G. Rabbani, and Q.D.M. Khosru (Bangladesh)

Thermal Stress in a Functionally Graded Curved Bar
M. Mohammadi and J.R. Dryden (Canada)

Solving the Limitations of Forecasting Time Series Model by Independent Component Analysis Approach
J.-C. Lin, Y.-H. Li, and C.-H. Liu (Taiwan)

Allocation Tolerance by Jacobian-Torsor Model
W. Ghie, L. Laperrirre, D. Nadeau, and A. Desrochers (Canada)

Isothermal Filling of an Injection Molding Cavity Simulated with the Level Set Method
A.E. Varela (Venezuela)

The Maximum Entropy States of 1D Cellular Automata Traffic Models
A. Salcido (Mexico)

Modeling and Linear Function Parametric Identification for a Helicopter Main Rotor
J.M. Molinar-Monterrubio, R. Castro-Linares (Mexico), and E. Licaga-Castro (Spain)

A Multiple Container Loading Problem based Algorithm for Efficient Allocation of Goods to Vehicles
L. Delaitre (France), A. Awasthi (Canada), H. Molet, and D. Breuil (France)

Power-Density Aware Floorplanning for Reducing Maximum On-Chip Temperature
D. Chatterjee and T.W. Manikas (USA)

Formulation of the Relationship between Tension Loading Rate and Internal Stress for Uni-Axel Bio-Materials
D. Zhou and G. McMurray (USA)

LPV Model Identification Feed-Gas Pre-Heater in Ammonia Plant
R.T. Bambang and H. Subagiyo (Indonesia)

Weighted Intermediate Rank Lattice Rules with Applications in Finance
Y. Lai and K.S. Tan (Canada)

Estimation of the Pressing Force in Blade Forming Application
T. Bellizzi, J. Boisvert, H. Champliaud, and T.-M. Dao (Canada)

Modeling and Identification of a Heated Cylinder from Perturbations in the Drying Contact Surface
S. Prez (Venezuela), N. Thrien, and A.D. Broadbent (Canada)

Dynamic Identification of Inelastic Shear Frames by using Prandtl-Ishlinskii Model
M. Farrokh and A. Joghataie (Iran)

Automotive Body Welding Optimization using Neuro-Genetic Algorithms
M. Hamedi and S.A. Mansourzadeh (Iran)

Anisotropic Laplace Trend to Enhance Software Reliability Growth Modelling
Y. Luo, T. Bergander, and A. Ben Hamza (Canada)

Application of the Interval Method Optimization Technique to Highly Nonlinear Steady State Processes
P. Hajiani, F. Jalali-Farahani, and N. Mostoufi (Iran)

"The Synthesis": Forecasting Corn Cash Prices using a Synthetic Model of Wavelets and SVMs
Y.H. Kaheil, A. Abusharekh, D.V. Bailey, M. McKee, and E. Rosero R. (USA)

Agent based Simulation to Measure the Fairness of User-Pays Air Traffic Management Charging Methodologies
R. Dominick (South Africa)

Building a Parametric 3D Tomato Plant Model using Laser Scans and Field Data
T. Wang, J. Dickinson, S. Lang, S. Khosla, and J. Wu (Canada)

Asymmetric Pricing: An Agent based Model
F. Cecconi and D. Parisi (Italy)

Markovian Heavy-Tailed Signals Fitting for Communications Performance Analysis
P. Amorim, M. Diniz, and R. Coelho (Brazil)

Managing Storage Location and Capacity for Reverse Logistics The Case of Carlsberg Denmark A/S
J. Liangsiri, L. Englyst, and J. Johansen (Denmark)

Integrated Hazards Method (IHM): A New Safety Allocation Technique
D. Falcone, G. Di Bona, V. Duraccio, and A. Silvestri (Italy)

The Model of Structural Reforms as a Base of Economic Policy
D. Maleshkov (Canada)

Risk Modification through System Dynamics Simulation
L. Baliwangi, H. Arima (Japan), K.B. Artana (Indonesia), and K. Ishida (Japan)

A Critical Evaluation of Two Variable Parameter Muskingum Routing Methods
M. Perumal and B. Sahoo (India)

Negative Coefficient Polynomial Kernel Density Estimation for Visualization
S.D. Witherspoon and M. Zhang (USA)

Sensitivity Analysis for Type-1 and Type-2 TSK Fuzzy Models
Q. Ren, L. Baron, and M. Balazinski (Canada)

Simulation of Neural Network DTMF Decoder
D.R. Loker and T.L. Hemminger (USA)

Practical Considerations for Extending Network Layer Models with OPNET Modeler
V. Hnatyshin, G. Gramatges, and M. Stiefel (USA)

Non Parametric Identifier for Parkinson's Disease Dynamics by Fuzzy-Genetic Controller
V. Ortiz, C. Yez, . Kuri, R. Miranda, A. Cabrera, and I. Chairez (Mexico)

An Intelligent System for Assessment of Orthodontic Treatment Outcome using Fuzzy Union Rule Configuration
A. Zarei, M. El-Sharkawi, and M. Hairfield (USA)

Modeling of High Speed Vehicle for Path Following and Obstacles Avoidance
N.H.H.M. Hanif and T.Z. Yaw (Malaysia)

A Data Simulation System using YSINC Polynomial Higher Order Neural Networks
M. Zhang (USA)

A Procedure for Face Detection & Recognition
H. Verma, P. Sharma, and V.S. Sharma (India)

Numerical and Experimental Validation of Heat and Mass Transfer during Heat Treatment of Wood
R. Younsi, D. Kocaefe, S. Poncsak, and T. Junjun (Canada)

An Integrated Methodology for Model Checking and Failure Coverage of Fault Tolerant Architectures for By-Wire Systems
M. Supal and R. Debouk (USA)

Reduced Order Modelling based on POD Method for 3D Nonlinear Aeroelasticity
Z. Feng and A. Soulaimani (Canada)

Groebner Bases Computation in Boolean Rings for Symbolic Model Checking
Q. Tran and M.Y. Vardi (USA)

FEM Calculation of Frequencies Variation Caused by Residual Stress Distribution in Welded Structures
O. Charette, H. Champliaud, and M. Thomas (Canada)

A Three Dimensional Numerical Study of Stress Distribution in Bolt-Nut Connections
G.H. Majzoobi, A. Sadri, A. Bayat (Iran), and A.H. Mahmoudi (UK)

Parameter Study of Liquid Flow and Heat Transfer in a Microchannel of Varying Cross-Section
G.D. Ngoma and F. Erchiqui (Canada)

Investigation of Influence of Sliding of Rolls Over Plate on Continuous Bending with Noncompatible Conical Rolls
Z. Feng, H. Champliaud, J. Zeng, and T.-M. Dao (Canada)

GA based Optimization of Manufacturing Cycle Cost
I.M. Deiab (UAE) and M.D.R. Al-Ansary (Kuwait)

Dimensional Stability and Warpage Reduction in Conventional Injection Molding through Process Changes
S.J. Sobolak and B.A. Jawad (USA)

Hybrid Commissioning - From Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation to Real Production Plants
S. Dominka, F. Schiller, and S. Kain (Germany)

A Hysteresis Approach of Thermal Expansion Effect on Residual Stresses due to Welding
B. Amri, V.N. L, and H. Champliaud (Canada)

Towards a Grid Simulation Platform for Dynamical Systems
Y. Derbal (Canada)

An Optimal Approach to Active Vibration Control of Smart Structures
A.R. Mehrabian, H. Shahi, and A. Yousefi-Koma (Iran)

Shape Efficiency Maps for Optimum Shape Selection in Torsion Stiffness Design
V. Mirjalili and D. Pasini (Canada)

Tolerancing Assistance Methodology in a Product Life Cycle Perspective
M. Khanafer, A. Desrochers, and L. Laperrire (Canada)

A Group Decision Making Approach in Multi-Criteria Material Selection
A.S. Milani (USA), A. Shanian (Canada), and R.C. Abeyaratne (USA)

Real Time Route Analysis based on Floating Car Technology
M. Reinthaler and J. Zajicek (Austria)

Microscopic Traffic Simulation Modeling Considering Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication Delays
Y. Liu, F. Dion, and S. Biswas (USA)

Application of Fuzzy Theory for Traffic Assignment
Y. Shafahi and H. Ramezani (Iran)
Capacity Analysis of 10 Toll Plazas on the OOCEA Network
M.L. Zarrillo (USA)

Modeling Transport Networks with Design Pattern: Application to Hybrid Traffic Simulations
W. Chaker, B. Moulin, and M. Thriault (Canada)

Estimation of Driver Reaction Time from Detailed Vehicle Trajectory Data
Xiao Zhang and G.H. Bham (USA)

Multi-Objective Strategies for Timing Signal Systems under Oversaturated Conditions
M.M. Abbas, H.A. Rakha, and P. Li (USA)

Evaluation of Dual Regime Acceleration Model Applied to Left Turning Vehicles
S. Chandrasekhar and G.H. Bham (USA)

Evaluation of Microscopic Lane Change Models using NGSIM Data
S. Kan and G.H. Bham (USA)

Arterial Network Travel Time Estimation using Conditional Independence Graphs and State Space Neural Networks
A.K. Singh and G. Abu-Lebdeh (USA)

Biomechanical Modelling of Occupant Induced Centrifugal Loading on Automotive Glazing
C.K. Thorbole, S.A. Batzer, D.A. Renfroe, and D.S. Tanwar (USA)

Development of a PMV-based Thermal Comfort Modelling
S.A.A. Shukor (Malaysia), K. Kohlhof (Germany), and Z.A.Z. Jamal (Malaysia)

Time Series Analysis used for the Identification of Kartic Chalk Functioning: Example of Ranon Springs
A. Maqsoud (Canada)

Modelling Land-Use Changes using a Novel Vector-based Geographic Cellular Automata
N. Moreno (Canada, Venezuela) and D.J. Marceau (Canada)

Multi-Objective Pareto Optimization and Analysis of Diagnostic X-Ray Systems using Mathematical Modeling
J.N. Kroon (The Netherlands)

Image-based Motion Control for the Bending Section of a Colonoscope
G. McMurray, D. Zhou, W. Daley, J. Munnae, and H. Lipkin (USA)

Permanent Coexistence for a Linear Response Omnivory Model
J.A. Vance (USA)

Agent-based Modelling Calibrated from Experimental Economics: Bidding Behaviour in a Water Market
S. Heckbert, A. Straton, A. Smajgl, and J. Ward (Australia)

Effect of Variable Contact Area on Knee Articular Dissipation during 3D Gait Analysis
M. Desmarais and R. Aissaoui (Canada)

Measurement Uncertainties during Manual Wheelchair Propulsion and Shoulder Kinetics
G. Desroches, R. Aissaoui, M. Boukhelif, and D. Bourbonnais (Canada)

Computational Modeling of a Prosthetic Shoulder: Our Experience with the Anybody Modeling System
Y. Collet, P. Ttreault (Canada), J. Rasmussen (Denmark), N. Nuo, and N. Hagemeister (Canada)


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