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Inspired 3D character setup, is a book designed to try and help Maya artists create character rigs for avatars to help animation, and how to do it correctly and professionally. It is worth noting that although the book does say it is platform independent, Maya is used throughout the book, with most of the examples working as illustrated solely on Maya.

The book contains a wealth of industry experience, mainly in the form of interviews with industry veterans, attempting to share their knowledge. However, the chapters often seem like they were bound out of order as the author jumps around quite a bit.

The book could also benefit greatly from proof-reading or maybe an editor, as the lack of both is glaringly obvious at times.

It requires example downloads from the publisher?s site, which seem to have been moved or removed since the book was published. This is not as big a handicap as it would seem, as most of the example files were broken, or completely different to what the book expects.

Useful for the rare insights into industry professionals ? those who rig avatars for a living ? but of limited use otherwise.


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