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Yet another ?ultimate? reference. There have been so many of these, that the word ?ultimate? can be discarded almost out of hand. That said, unlike most of these books, this one does not dedicate over half of its pages to the design process ? whilst design is vital, its not the ONLY consideration.

This is very much a gameworld creation book, not a VR in general, so level design, scripted pathways, how to create the illusion of a living world around the player, all these resources are given detailed inspection in the book. One of the chapters deals with the games industry; not the usual ?behind the scenes? but more pointed questions and unpleasant answers: Exactly the sort of thing a budding developer needs to know.


Level Planning and Building
Lighting, Texturing, Particles, Effects and Audio
Design by Genre
Scripting by Action Events
Quality Assurance and Play-Test feedback
Design Considerations for Massively Multiplayer Online Games
Cell Phones and Wireless Gaming
Getting Started in Game Development
Game Development Career Choices


Reference Information
Tools Discussed
Career Guideline Worksheet
Quick Topic Summary for Designers
Ultimate Baseball Online Gallery


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