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Site Shop > Character Animation in 3D: Use Traditional Drawing Techniques to Produce Stunning CGI Animation

There always seems to be an artificial disconnect between the skillset necessary to draw in 2D and that necessary to animate with CGI. Many books treat it as if you have to unlearn all you know from one, to learn the other, even when that is clearly not the case.

This tome takes the other approach. Instead of focussing on the differences between the two art forms, it showcases where they are the same, and where each can build on the work of the other.

There is a minimum of anacronym usage throughout, with the author making real effort to ensure that the reader fully understands the topics being conveyed as you work through the book.

It starts off with 2D basics, moving into 3D and the animation of CGI humans, then a variety of animals, and finally back to humans, with couples, and pairs then groups of people and how the motion translates. All is done with slow, deliberate care, so that the reader can fully understand and use the concepts learnt, in their own work.


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