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Site Shop > Virtual Geographies: Bodies, Space and Relations

This tome, written long before the Metaverse Roadmap, was one of the first large works to discuss how virtual spaces create entirely new kinds of space, and require mapping constructs and methodologies utterly alien to what had come before.

Now ten years old, this 1999 book is no less relevant, particularly on its views of social access to such environments. In some ways, not a lot has changed, in others ? such as a chapter dedicated to the relative merits of telephone-based communication, the landscape is now unrecognisable.

In many ways, this work shows us just how far we have come in interconnecting physical and virtual, within the past ten years. In others, it shows us how hard it is to change, and the sheer scope left to achieve, as many of the projection points in the book, are undiminished, today.


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