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Virtual girl is firmly placed for all time, in the category of camp, cheesy, low budget trash, attempting to pass itself off as VR. It?s a film with a schizophrenic direction. Half the time it is trying oh so hard, so desperately hard to be a sci-fi film about VR technology gone wrong. The other half of the time, it is trying to be soft core pornography. Thus, it fails miserably at both.

The plot is simple, and still full of plotholes. It revolves around a man, John Lewis, who has a perfect life. He has a loving wife, Karen, a young child and a lavish home. John is a programmer, working on a variety of VR projects, who is assigned by his superiors to work on the ?cyberslut? program, something which he feels is so far beneath him, it is contemptable.

John starts working on the system, which apparently necessitates a darkened lab amoungst the VR equipment. There is no sign of any programming at this point, but he decides to try the system anyway. There, he meets the spectacularly ludicrously named Virtuality. She is a sentient AI, who is apparently still programmed in her behaviours (come again?) who is permanently horny, and sedusive.

Initially John spurns any attempt Virtuality makes as contemptible ? as she continually morphs her appearance to present as any one of thousands of women in her database. However, his wife Karen suddenly decides to stop being interested in sex (excuse me?). As the days and then weeks pass, with John continually working on the program (and not, apparently, doing any programming), Virtuality?s advances begin to get to him.

He starts an affair with the AI, which complicates things at home, and his marriage (with a woman alegedly disinterested in sex) begins to fall apart. John confronts Virtuality to tell her he is breaking things off, as he loves his wife.

This infuriates Virtuality, who suddenly and inexplicably has access to the Internet. She uses this access not only to dig up information, but then infiltrate the Lewis home, take control of the electronics and try to kill Karen. When that does not work, she follows Karen to the hospital, via the net, and takes control of the hospital mainframe, to kill Karen with an army of medical devices. Yes, it gets that implausible.

Finally, convinced that Virtuality is a menace, John writes a computer virus designed to kill her. One which cannot be transmitted over the Internet, but can only be sent and executed if he goes back to the lab, straps himself in, and copulates with Virtuality. This he does, destroying her.


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