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All of the AI game programming wisdom books have several things in common, which is very good for a series on developing AI for the same purpose. All are by the same author, all include a companion CD-Rom, and all are not so much books as they are collections of discrete articles, each focussing on one aspect or another.

This is the first book in the series, and is divided into eleven comprehensive sections covering:

General Wisdom;
Useful Techniques and Specialized Systems;
Pathfinding with A*;
Pathfinding and Movement;
Tactical Issues and Intelligent Group Movement;
Architecting a Game AI;
Decision-Making Architecture;
Racing and Sport AI; Scripting; and Learning.

It was originally written when Windows 95 was still a viable operating system, so a little dated, but the examples should all still work.

On The CD-ROM:

Material that augments many of the articles, including demos of techniques, source code from the articles in C++ primarily, with a few in C and Java. There are also high-resolution versions of the colour images, and links to useful and interesting game development sites, some of which still exist.

Its not the most modern tome, but it does cover the basics very well.

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