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All of the AI game programming wisdom books have several things in common, which is very good for a series on developing AI for the same purpose. All are by the same author, all include a companion CD-Rom, and all are not so much books as they are collections of discrete articles, each focussing on one aspect or another.

Written in early 2008, the fourth volume of the series is just as weighty as the past three, and again, is filled with articles on what was at the time, the cutting edge of game AI.

Organised into 7 sections, this comprehensive volume explores every important aspect of AI programming to help you develop and expand your own personal AI toolbox. You?ll find ready-to-use ideas, algorithms, and code in all key AI areas including general wisdom, scripting and dialogue, movement and pathfinding, architecture, tactics and planning, genre specific, and learning and adaptation.

New to this volume are articles on recent advances in realistic agent, squad, and vehicle movement, as well as dynamically changing terrain, as exemplified in such popular games as Company of Heroes.You?ll also find information on planning as a key game architecture, as well as important new advances in learning algorithms and player modelling. AI Game Programming Wisdom 4 features coverage of multiprocessor architectures, Bayesian networks, planning architectures, conversational AI, reinforcement learning, and player modelling.

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