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In a world governed by speed, the Internet plays a growing role in many of today's innovations, and the resolution of disputes using electronic means of communication may soon be part of everyday legal practice.

This book offers a survey of the current state of play in online dispute resolution, from the methods and information technology currently in use to the range of regulatory solutions proposed by shareholders.

Taking their analysis a step further, the authors also address this new field's most pressing issues, including possible amendments of existing legislation, treaties, and arbitration and other ADR rules.

Online Dispute Resolution: Challenges for Contemporary Justice is an in-depth study of online dispute resolution today, discussing among other topics:
* The different methods of ODR;
* Fields of use;
* Ways to bring parties to online dispute resolution;
* Validity and effects of clauses entered into online and providing for online mediation or arbitration;
* Issues surrounding electronic communications and evidence in arbitration;
* Enforcement of online dispute resolution outcomes, both through court proceedings and built-in enforcement mechanisms.

This book also covers issues related to security and e-commerce in general. As a special feature, it contains a section on existing online dispute resolution providers, complete with interviews and statistics.

Online Dispute Resolution: Challenges for Contemporary Justice</i> is a significant resource for legal counsel, to arbitral institutions, ODR and ADR service providers, governments and governmental and non-governmental organizations, as well as to those with a more academic interest.

This book will provide a greater understanding of online dispute resolution to persons in the fields of arbitration and ADR, e-commerce, intellectual property, civil procedure, international law, international trade and commerce, and information technology.


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