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The Truman Show is part a send-up of Reality TV, part a serious look at life in a VR for humans or other sentient creatures, and some of the deep problems that may be faced.

Arriving in 1998, The Truman Show revolves around Truman, a 30 year old man who has no idea he's living in an artificial world, as the sole star of a reality TV show. A show he's been in since the day he was born, and which he is expected to stay in, oblivious, until the day he dies.

Seahaven Island - a Bubble World

The show is oft times funny, and oft times tearful, as Truman - played by Jim Carrey - tries ever more inventive ways to escape, once he begins to realise that something is wrong with reality.

At once it is both a light hearted film and aserious one, showing us a miniature virtual world, all the effort that goes into making it, sustaining it, and of course when VR becomes a hell by keeping one who does not want to be there, inside it.

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