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Set against the backdrop of a receding roman empire and the struggles for power within the newly leaderless British people, the Pendragon cycle paints a vivid picture of a warring nation in which many changes are being wrought.

Beginning with the fall of Atlantis and the escape of its people to British shores, the novels tell the stories of the key figures of Arthurian legend, primarily narrated by Merlin.

Throughout the novels, the power of Jesu is spreading through the nation, never more than under the sword of Arthur, and finds itself in competition with the older spiritual guides in the form of the British bards. With this, there is a focus upon the adherence of certain factions to the older Gods, as well as a brief exploration of the position of bards in society.

In his rendition of the classic myth, Lawhead melds both the old and the new, providing the reader with experiences of Britain as the Romans faded away, and also giving a view of the ancient and mystical powers that lurk within the land, as well as the effect of the coming of Christianity upon the people of Britain. While there sometimes seems to be an unnecessary level of monotony, as well as a warping of the precise details of the original myths, the novels do provide an interesting (though not necessarily accurate) re-telling of a great British legend.


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