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Site Shop > Otherland, Volume 1: City of Golden Shadow

The first book in the Otherland Saga, City of Golden Shadow serves as an introduction and ground setting book that enriches and deepens the later works. Among the many aspects of life in this near-future world it depicts in detail, is an advanced virtual reality technology.

City of Golden Shadow introduces the basics of total immersion VR technologies, slightly further ahead than those of William Gibson?s Neuromancer. It delves into all the possible uses for such technology in stunning depth and detail, yet it does so in such a way that the pace of the plot never slackens.

It showcases many different applications from gaming to shopping, to relaxation, social nooks and crannies. The darker, legal side of things, and the sinister aspects that flow as an undercurrent, giving meat to the scientific, absorbing saga begin here, as the political and socio-economic climate of the parent world is defined.

A place of glittering towers, of crowded cyber-shopping malls, and of role playing landscapes true to the tabletop vision. Deep within the recesses of this playground of the masses, cyberspace so intertwined with reality that it is a part of normal life, there lurks the next great evolution in VR, Otherland.

Many lesser VR situations, still decades ahead of our current tech, are explored in detail, in the build-up to finding Otherland, that ultimate alternative reality. Otherland, the pinnacle of what VR can be, that is birthed by the best minds of two generations. Otherland, shrouded in secrecy. Otherland, that appears to be eating children.


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