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The Matrix, an infamous film franchise about a massive, high fidelity virtual reality environment. A dreamworld given form, seemingly the apex of what VR is striving for.

What is the matrix, in itself? It?s a world in which the super-normal powers of the adventurer prevail, it?s a world which depicts our own in every fine detail. Where infinite object interactivity is a reality, and where the simulation exists in real time. In short, it?s a true reality, just as real as our own. In many ways it usilises technologies just in their infancy in RL, neuralprosthetics for example is just beginnoing to be used for VR.

The Matrix is a film. Films tend not to stick with plausible reality. This one is no exception, as it completely ignores the degredation in copying a reality. But then, maybe with direct neural connections and advanced algorithms to present information, that degredation is no longer an issue? All the same, it does a great job in advertising some of the great possibilities for virtual reality.

The plot is a typical heroe?s journey. The world has been taken over by machine AI, and a small band of heroes with superhuman powers arise to change all that. Sounds suspicously like your standard CRPG really. In fact, if not for theVR setting, that?s all it really is. A standard adventure film.


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