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Site Shop > Otherland, Volume 4: Sea of Silver Light

Otherland is a story about a divided world, a world of the near future where societies problems are escalating, where the divide between the rich and poor has escalated. Where misery all too real, is inflicted upon the masses of the living.

At the same time, its a world where the internet has evolved, no longer a collection of websites, it is a living, breathing world of its own. A string of countless worlds, joined like websites, where the surfer walks, glides, or flies in a body almost as real as their own.

A place of glittering towers, of crowded cyber-shopping malls, and of role playing landscapes true to the tabletop vision. Deep within the recesses of this playground of the masses, cyberspace so intertwined with reality that it is a part of normal life, there lurks the next great evolution in VR, Otherland. The step beyond...

Read this series for the twisting, evolving, many diverse threaded storyline, or read them for the wonderful imagry, and enchanting ideas for VR of the future. Whichever reason makes you pick up one of these, you are in for one hell of a ride!


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