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AI: Artificial Intelligence is a film with deep and twisting tendrils exploring the fine line between robotic life and human life. David, the star of the film, is a young robotic boy, an experimental prototype, created as a temporary son for a couple whose biological son has been frozen until his deadly illness can be cured.

Opening out on the scene at a high-tech development lab, AI starts out by shocking viewers as to just how natural-looking Robots can be (note: Robots as natural looking if not as functional as the ones portrayed here, were first developed late 2005). From this initial moment on down, the film takes a critical look at almost every possible aspect of human-robot relations, positive and the very, very negative.

AI spends its time exploring the world from the robot David?s point of view, showcasing the best and worst of human activity, and cutting edges of robot design ? there is little if anything in the film that is not technically feasible, and most of it explores directions we are heading in right now.

Some of the creations are fascinating:

? a toy teddy bear that has a mind of its own, and a good grasp of English language
- Gigalo Joe, a robotic male prostitute who is equipped to please either gender
- Aquacopters ? helicopter/submarine hybrids
And so much more besides.

It examines family life, David?s feelings and desires, the sub-classes of runaway robots, and social backlash against them from some quarters. Humanity itself is deeply called into question, and indeed exceeded in some respects.

Fundamentally, this film will bring you to the emotional edge, and ram home the moral and ethical dilemmas of advanced AI.


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