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Not a platform or modelling software specific book, Modelling Digital Dinosaurs is Ken?s first book, and it takes you through the basics of creating 3D representations of something which has fascinated and captivated for centuries ? dinosaurs. The book does this in a patient, kind, step by step manner, demonstrating techniques which really aid the beginning to intermediate modeller. Contains a free copy of Amapi version 1.5 on the CD in case the reader does not have a 3D modeller.

The book is designed to be used with Lightwave, Maya, C4D, Amapi, 3Dsmax, and any other 3D modeller you can think of. Any software, if fact, that has a polygon based set of tools.

The book covers modelling, UVmapping and texturing, covering several dinosaurs in painstaking detail, including the Apatosauras, Dimetrodon, Pteranodon, Triceratops and T-Rex. The tutorials start with very basic instructions and are written in a clear, logical manner.

Sadly, no time is dedicated to bones, or character rigging, and the end results are purely static models. However, the book makes frequent references to animation and states the models created via this book?s methods will be boned later and so the geometry of the model is made ready to be animated.


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