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Not a platform or modelling software specific book, Building a Digital Human is Ken?s second book, and much like the first, it takes you through the basics of creating the 3D forms, in a patient, kind, step by step manner, demonstrating techniques which really aid the beginning to intermediate modeller.

Recreating the human form is one of the great frontiers of 3D modelling. It is one of the greatest challenges precisely because it is intimately familiar.

Building a Digital Human explores the entire modelling process from head to toe. Beginning with the fundamentals of assembling reference material such as photos and anatomy books, through the details of texturing and refining the skin and hair, a complete human model is built. Once the model is complete, a female and fantasy troll are created to illustrate how easy it is to transform the basic model.

Like its predecessor, the book is designed to be used with Lightwave, Maya, C4D, Amapi, 3Dsmax, and any other 3D modeller you can think of. Any software, if fact, that has a polygon based set of tools. The actual; models in the book, were built with LightWave 3D, however, because the ideas covered utilise a relatively small toolset, it is easy to transfer them to any other 3D program. To simplify matters further, a quick list of corresponding tool names from Maya, 3ds max, and LightWave 3D is included.


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