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Site Shop > Design for Community: The Art of Connecting Real People in Virtual Places

When life turns bad, or things seem out of control, people turn to one another for support. They turn to their friends, and their families, for this. They turn to those with like minded interests, those they communicate with best.

These days, that often means they turn to the virtual. Websites, hatrooms and full blown worlds. The communities of online existence offer solice, and understanding. They're places to forget your troubles and woes.

A great community is truly a wonderous place. So, how do you set one up?How do you go about creating the place that people will come to rely on, that will be seen as a lifeline by some, and a distraction by others?

For that is the purpose of this book. Writen from a freelance designer's perspective, it details reasons for and against setting up a community, how to go about it, what the costs are, and all those benefits as well.


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