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VR Interfaces: Wii Motion Plus


Overview of Wii Motion Plus
One of the long-held gripes with the Wii-mote is that the embedded accelerometers, whilst providing some degree of motion sensing, were never too high fidelity. They don?t match a Wanda or 3D trackball for precision. This was unsurprising, considering the Wii-mote lacks a gytoscope array for precise motion calculations. However, it made using the Wii-mote for precise details like sword-play or perhaps as a cheap medical training tool, impossible, purely because it did not have the capability to sense fine wrist movements.

The new Wii Motion plus is designed to fix that. It plugs into the port that the nunchuk controller ordinarilly plugs into, but possesses an additional port under a logo flip cover on its own rear, effectively just lengthening the remote. Together Wii-mote and motion plus function as one object, with the plus basically being a gyroscope set for fine motion detection. Fitting securely, it adds virtually no weight to the controller.

It picks up even the most subtle muscle twitches, if desired, although the level of sensitivity can be reset in software if it is too great ? we are not sure at this time, what the actual sensitivity potential is, but it appears to be greater than the human body can produce. Everything is transmitted through the wii-mote to the Wii in real-time, providing a response high fidelic enough to be used for 1:1 body position recreation.

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