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VR Interfaces: Allay Period Relief Stimulator


Overview of Allay Period Relief Stimulator
For those of us who experience a monthly visitor, devices such as this are long overdue. The period reliever is not in the stricted sense a prosthetic device, as it does not have to be implanted. It can be, but does not have to be. Still, its function is to augment your period, and refuce or remove both pain and bloating.

The technology its based on, is fairly old, and has been proven to work in other areas of the body. DCS or direct current stimulation occurs when a battery runs a gentle 2 to 2.5 milliamps of current spread over a therapeutic area centered around your delicates. The pulse lasts for approximately 15 minutes at a time, and is modulated by an on-board micropcocessor positioned just above the battery. The theory that drives all anti-inflamatory DCS devices is that the electrical surge permeates the area, and drives out inflamatory fluid, easing pain and discomfort as the swelling abates.

A separate 'key' piece is also available, which slots on top of the central module - in implants this pokes above the skin like a stud - and when it is in place, prevents the device from activating. This design seems odd, as it may have been better to only place the key in place, when you desired it to operate.

A four-month clinical study on the effects of the Allay patch on dysmenorrhea, indicated that 71 percent of the participants receiving the patch reported complete elimination or a reduction in their typical menstrual pain symptoms. Ninety-one women participated in the study.

Ironically, at time of writing, the device, manufactured by BioElectronics Corp., a Frederick, Maryland, USA based company, is available throughout the world, except in the US, where it is still pending acceptance.

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