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VR Interfaces: VivoMetric LifeShirt


Overview of VivoMetric LifeShirt
The LifeShirt is a garment (not necessarily a shirt) developed by VivoMetrics, which monitors tyhe wearer's vital signs. Collecting a continuous stream of respiration flow, heart rate, breathing regularity, sweat production and other key metrics.

Weighing just 8 ounces, it is lightweight enough to be worn comfortably, and is machine washable with other clothing. It works due to arrays of embedded sensors and processing hardware actually weaved into the fabric itself, almost as another kind of thread.

To measure respiratory function, sensors are woven into the shirt around the wearer’s chest and abdomen. A single-channel ECG measures heart rate, and a three-axis accelerometer records posture and activity level.

The LifeShirt Recorder/Transmitter continuously encrypts and transmits the wearer’s physiologic data to a remote command center. Data is also stored on the recorder’s compact flash memory card, which is small enough to fit in the wearer's pocket.

Health data is transmitted encrypted, to preserve privacy, and updated once a second to ensure the highest standard of healthcare.

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