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VR Interfaces: Explorer 500 P Hearing Assist


Overview of Explorer 500 P Hearing Assist
The Explorer 500 P is a hearing assist device, designed specifically for children and infants. Unlike traditional hearing aids, it employs substantial artificial intelligence software that enables its functionality to grow with the child, maximising development potential for children with hearing disorders.

Children born with impaired hearing can only communicate to a very limited degree, and they also have different auditory perception than adults who have suffered gradual loss of hearing. In the latter case, the brain loses its capacity to perceive high frequencies. Children with hearing loss, by contrast, need the full spectrum of sounds in order to ?learn how to hear.?

To fit the instrument, the technician needs only to connect the device to a computer, enter the wearer?s age, the hearing impairment, and the required functions, and the software automatically does the rest ? such as activating a directional microphone or a direct audio connectivity to wireless transmission systems used in kindergarten or school.

The aid will determine for itself, when the best time to switch audio processing algorithms is. If the child is listening to music, it detects the type of sound input and quietly shifts to algorithms best suited for musical enjoyment. If someone speaks, it shifts to speech processing, with speech-sensitive noise suppression, so all but the speaker?s words fade away.

Of course, the aid is for children, so it is designed to be very, very resilient, all internal parts embedded directly in resin-like plastics, or sealed behind tamper-proof locking mechanisms. Even the battery is thusly protected, so it cannot be removed and swallowed.

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