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VR Interfaces: Gyration Air Mouse


Overview of Gyration Air Mouse
Movea´s Gyration Air Mouse is essentially an updated wand, or 3D pointer. It is hopefully the first of a new breed that works just as well in 2D on the desk, as it does bneing waved about in 3D in the air.

It woks by sensing motion same as all wands, and pressure sensors detect when it is up against a surface, converting it from 3D into 2D mode, to be used like an ordinary mouse. Then, it uses a laser sensor to track its progress against the surface, the same as an optical mouse, When held in the hand, precision motion sensors guarantee accurate responses to natural hand movements. A simple wrist flick serves as a command button for example, making it possible to control presentations with body language, or use unconscious interest to affect your viewing habits in immersive data.

Wireless, the mouse broadcasts a radio signal which can be detected up to 100 feet (30 metres) away, making it ideal for large space VR interfaces. Using a frequency of 2.4 Ghz, the radio method completely eliminates LoS issues, and operates at a frequency separate to wireless connectivity protocols, so it will not interfere.

One significant downside is the mouse is solely Windows compatible, rendering its operation moot for larger VR setups.

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