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VR Interfaces: eMagin Eyebud 800


Overview of eMagin Eyebud 800
On January the 6th 2006, eMagin Corporation unveiled its Eyebud 800 personal display system. This is a video eyewear display, which is specifically designed to interface with an ipod.

Looking more than a little like a pirate eyepatch, the display system covers one eye completely, resulting in monocular vision ? whilst the other eye is free to look around the physical world, expect your depth perception to be totally shot whilst wearing this, so not recommended for use where hand-eye co-ordination is a necessity. That said, the display?s quality is quite good. It offers a full SVGA (800 x 600) display at 60 hz refresh rate, which for video eyewear, is outstanding. Its nearly 40-degree field of view provides a virtual image equivalent to a 105-inch display viewed from 12 ft. The display system also includes high quality stereo earbuds and a noise-cancelling microphone.

Continuing the recent trend of ever-lighter head-mountings, the Eyebud weighs only It weighs only 3.6 ounces all told, with a battery life of four to six hours on a full charge.

Also innovative is the Eyebud?s ?eye-blocker?. It is exactly what it sounds like, a second display piece that snap-attaches to plunge the other eye into darkness so you can concentrate solely on the virtual image, as a monoscopic HMD.

Additionally, the main display snaps on and snaps off, to either side, so it will happilly adjust for either left- or right-eye dominant usage.

About the only feature missing on this eyewear is a head-tracker, if it had that, it would be perfect as a HMD as well as video eyewear. As it is, it is a far leap above any video-eyewear on the market the previous year.

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