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VR Interfaces: Virtual Mirror Kiosk


Overview of Virtual Mirror Kiosk
The virtual mirror kiosk is a product of the partnership between IBM and EZFace, Inc, under EZFace?s general control, but utilising IBM?s raw computing power. The kiosks are small units, small enough to be attached to standard cosmetic display shelves, with a camera at face height, below which hangs a flatscreen monitor, and below which sit a bar code reader and concealed photographic printer. The whole thing is contained in a protective casing to minimise accidental damage or vandalism.

The kiosks take a photo of the user?s face, slid up and down on runners to match differing heights. This digital photograph is instantly displayed on the monitor below the camera, as it currently is. So, if you plan on using one of these, light make-up is probably a good idea. The device works with most major make-up manufacturers, in that, if you pick up any applicator from the display, or pretty much any make-up display, and scan the bar code, the mirror will recognise the product, and will apply it to the virtual copy of your face, as expertly as a professional make-up artist.

The names of products currently being displayed on the copy of your face, sit to the side, to help you identify what you are currently ?wearing? and aid the desire to purchase. It also lists products that match well with your current selections for a complete look, and has the option to print out the digitally enhanced photo with professionally applied make-up exactly as shown on the display.

As of spring 2009, roll-out of the Kiosk has started in Japan, and is due to start imminently in the US.

?We built EZface Virtual Mirror Kiosk to help consumers look their best before they commit to a purchase," said Rami Orpaz, CEO and founder, EZface, Inc. "We know beauty customers are busy, and cosmetics retailers want to find personal yet discreet ways to connect with people on the go.?

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