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VR Interfaces: SonixTOUCH


Overview of SonixTOUCH
SonixTouch is the product of Ultrasonix Medical Corporation, a US based firm which is striving to create anywhere, any time, general purpose ultrasonic medical technology. The device, now cleared for use on humans in the US and in Europe, is a portable touch screen system, that can be customised by the clinician, into any display method, and compatible with any general purpose or specific ultrasound medical system. It adapts to process the results from anything.

If you desire adding a specific capability, just use plug-in software modules; the hardware will adapt immediately. Once installed, modules can be disabled, and re-enabled at will, changing the nature of the device fundamentally. Plug-ins can be updated online automatically, and the unit is internet compatible out of the box.

Its also light enough to put in the back of a car, and runs off an internal battery for an hour and a half. So, it can be included with ambulances, paramedic first responders, even doctor?s own cars. Because it is general purpose, it enables on scene diagnosis, of any body part, before moving to the hospital.

In this manner, a considerable degree of telehealth care is enabled, with the hospital coming to the patient, rather than the other way around.


Premium 2D & Colour
In addition to high raw image quality, it supports pulse inversion harmonics, spatial compounding and advanced adaptive speckle reduction.

4D Imaging
Supports high performance, lightweight transducers for OB/GYN applications.

The 4D abdominal transducer provides fast volume acquisitions. The 4D endocavity transducer supports high resolution 1-sweep acquisitions that can be saved and reviewed on a separate computer.

Cardiac and CW
Supports phased array transducers for adult and paediatric cardiac imaging applications. A separate continuous wave beamformer allows for improved spectrum signal-to-noise ratio.

Advanced Modes
Supports advanced imaging modes such as elastography and panoramic imaging.

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