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VR Interfaces: G19 Gaming Keyboard


Overview of G19 Gaming Keyboard
Logitech's G19 keyboard is in its own way, a serious attempt at a mainstream VR interface. The keyboard is black, and the keys are backlit - in a variety of different colours according to user choice.

Its designed as a gamers keyboard, attempting to heighten immersion for gaming for the majority of users who do not touch-type. The board actually has an adjustable liquid crystal monitor built into the back of it, above the function keys. This monitor displays information from whichever virtual environment the person is visiting, whilst they type.

Of course the catch is, the VR needs to be designed with the keyboard SDK in mind, limiting the choices to ah, exactly none at time of writing. Still, it is a novel idea.

The keyboard also possesses , one-touch controls for speaker/mic volume and media playback, along with two powered USB ports, and a detachable palm rest. On the left side, s second numberpad sits, consisting of 12 programmable keys in three groups of four - can be assigned any function from the keyboard driver interface. Yes, this keyboard needs a driver installed to work properly, even at all.

The thing is currently on the market for $200 in us dollars. It might appeal to somebody.

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