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World Review: Dive In

Main Review

Compatible with Operating Systems:

World Status: Open Beta Development

World Purpose: Social

Age Suitability: Anyone


DiveIn is a little bit of an oddity. Well, it would be, if the company that makes it, did not churn out similar worlds at a rate of knots.

Made by Switch In, DiveIn claims to be a MMO, at least according to Switch In. When the world itself loads, in a shockwave window within a web browser, it calls itself a ?Free 3d Chat Browser Game?, which is not the same thing at all.

Log in is simple enough. Type in any name, and an account is created: no need for an email. It asks if you are over or under 13. The only difference between the two modes, is that under 13s are not allowed to type anything, just listen to others.

An avatar creation screen is up next, where the oddities start. This is perhaps the first indication that Switch In software are just using the same code over and over again for different products. An avatar appears on the left, with options for gender, hair, eyes, lips and clothing to the right.

The genders you can choose include: mermaid, shark, seahorse, fish. Um, genders?

After you have designed a mermaid, or fish, and giver them a pair of pants to wear, choosing the colour carefully?yes, pants! The screen moves on, and you are allowed into the world proper.

The World in Brief

You emerge in third person view, swimming in a large coral reef. Its size is an illusion, as there is an invisible wall keeping you from swimming more than 20 metres in any direction. You can however, head down to the sea bed, or up to the surface. You cannot poke your head above the surface, unfortunately. Even for a mermaid, the underside of the waves are the roof of the world.

So, what is there to do? Well, not much, unfortunately. You can swim between the coral reefs, consisting of five main platforms and misc small plants, or you can chat to others. There is an ignore list, an option to rotate the camera about, emoticons, and an option to change worlds. That is really about it.


Sub Reviews

Here at Virtual Worldlets, we look at all worlds, whether for entertainment, training, medicare, industry or military use. Thus, we have the situation where different uses judge by different criteria. Below are a series of sub-reviews, each tailored to a different aspect of the world.


The social life is the life for you. To chat, to roam, to gossip all day, and chatter all night. You are the heart of the party, and you are the soul. The drive to chatter, the need to gossip, stretching out, making connections, mind against mind, heart against heart. It keeps you going, it keeps you sane.

Oh this part is fun. DiveIn has one of those really, really bad text filters that make people cringe. During the course of this review, one person by the name of SexyGirl, asked for help as to how to swim up and down ? you use the mouse for all movement, and hold the forward arrow key to move. Anyhow, this reviewer received a warning for profanity, for the word SexyGirl, from the parser, and the chat line was not displayed. It seems that people are allowed to swear or flirt in their names, yet not in chat, for some bizarre reason.

Testing the limits of the parser, the following sentence was trialled:

?the assassin decided to assume all was safe.?

This is how DiveIn mangled it:

Daftly, this did not generate a profanity warning.

There are no real accounts. You are free at any time to log out and back in again, or just refresh the page, and log in under a different name, so all hope of a longer term community is lost.



Very, very poor. There is a definite lack of effort on the software company's part, and the lack of care in the code shows up again and again in little things. It does not know what it is trying to be, and is being marketed as everything it is not. There is absolutely nothing to keep people interested or returning.

Best avoided.


Rating 25 / 100
Newbie Friendliness
/ 15
Community Values
/ 15
/ 15
/ 15
/ 10
Automated help
/ 10
Code Integrity
/ 10
/ 10

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Client OS:Win 2K, Win 98, Win 2K, Win 2K

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