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 Ofcom to crowdsource UK mobile coverage

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Date posted: 28/09/2016

UK government telecommunications regulator Ofcom is calling on the UK's 20 million Android users to help build a map of the UK's mobile coverage.

Users are being asked to download an app that will automatically measure voice-call reliability, signal strength and data speeds.
The data - which will be anonymised - will form part of a detailed comparison study of telecoms operators in 2017.

There will be no iPhone version due to the iPhone's restrictions on apps that run continuously in the background.

"Our research aims to build an independent benchmark for both consumers and industry," said an Ofcom representative.
"It will help mobile customers make purchasing and switching decision, and will be used to enhance Ofcom's mobile coverage maps and consumer research."

The initiative would be welcomed by consumers, said Matthew Howett, an analyst with research company Ovum.
"Given the large volume of complaints Ofcom receives about coverage, for some consumers this type of initiative can't come soon enough," he said.

The app can be downloaded here

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