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 Learning Light Seminars of learning technologies in the workplace

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Date posted: 29/08/2006

Learning Light (LL), a non-profit organisation seeking to establish itself as a Centre of Excellence in the use of learning technologies in the workplace is organising another in its series of seminars exploring today's new technologies in learning. The event - which is free to attend - takes place in The Hubs, in Paternoster Row, Sheffield, from 4.30pm to 6.30pm on Monday 11th September.

The event's keynote speaker is Ron Edwards, of Ambient Performance, and is hosted by Vaughan Waller, LL's head of membership services. Among other things, Ambient Performance has developed workflow learning delivered via Blackberry for global human resources consultants, Mercer Consulting.

Waller commented: "E-learning used to mean delivering learning online but there are now numerous ways in which learning can be delivered to the learner.

"This seminar will explore how emerging tools - including podcasting, wikis, blogs, mobile and game technologies - are being used for learning today. It will also examine the trends that are driving the need and adoption of new technologies for learning."

Edwards will discuss the growing number of learning technologies available today and the pitfalls that you should avoid when considering adding a new technology to your learning mix.

Although attendance at the seminar is free, places are strictly limited.

So, to avoid disappointment, those wishing to attend the event should email info@learninglight.com stating their name, company and a contact telephone number. Alternatively, they should call Learning Light on 0114 201 5703 to book their place.

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