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 T-Mobile's cell-to-WiFi service to launch this summer

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Date posted: 10/05/2007

T-Mobile may well be the first mobile phone company, to launch a service which switches seamlessly mid-call between mobile phone masts and Wi-Fi connectivity as the signal attenuation raises and lowers for each service.

Automatically switching to the best connection it can find, as the location changes is one of the hallmarks of a sensor web device.

The service, initially called "T-Mobile at Home," has been implemented in test markets since last year, but could be rolled out as early as mid-June.

Customers in T-Mobile's test markets have paid a flat fee of $20 per month on top of their regular service plan fees to use the service, with an additional $5 per line on the account. This pricing structure falls in line with many VoIP services and is lower than the monthly cost of most landlines.

While other mobile service providers have experimented with dual-mode service, T-Mobile is the first to introduce it to consumers.

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