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 CES: Swiss Army knife

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Date posted: 12/01/2009

The Swiss Army knife, one of the hottest buys of the last century, is keeping pace with the new millennium and moving from campground to boardroom.

The company has been adding high-tech features to its knives since 2004 but the latest model, the Presentation Pro, takes the trend even further by incorporating Bluetooth and fingerprint recognition technology.

Instead of a saw and a corkscrew, the Presentation Pro comes with a laser pointer and an integrated Bluetooth remote control that can be used to direct a slide show or a PowerPoint presentation.

It also has a USB flash drive with up to 32GB of storage and a biometric sensor that grants access through fingerprint recognition.

The case remains red and the small white cross is still there but the plastic is now transparent, putting the innards of the device on display.

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